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>>> "No Greater Love" - Dedication to Fire Fighters on May 4
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I was asked to write something special for our Firefighters. After it was heard, I was encouraged to share it with ALL Firefighters. "I MUST BE THERE", is a collection of 8 special dedications with a bonus "gift" as the last recording on the cd. It is now available to order. Just click the ORDER button below.

Track Title Description Play Clip
1 NO GREATER LOVE Dedication to All Fire Fighters - May 4th
2 VICTORY Remembering September 11
3 THE BIG RED TRUCK Dedicated to the Fire Fighter who saved me
4 THE GREATEST WORDS Dedicated to the relatives of Fire Fighters
5 WHERE IS HE Dedicated to the Fire Fighters who saved a loving pet
6 IN THEIR MEMORY Dedicated to our Fallen Brothers
7 PLEASE BE CAREFUL Her words to me every day
8 I MUST BE THERE A Fire Fighter's Life - cd dedicated to all Fire Fighters
9 JUST A WRITER My simple story ( performed by Dean Sargent)

Thank you for visiting I hope you have found comfort here. You have heard samples of the poetry that I have written. These inspirational verses have helped others and now can help you. The entire collection of 9 poems, which can bring you comfort, hope, and encouragement, are available on a beautifully produced CD for only $17.99 plus shipping.

You can purchase the CD by clicking the link below. Shop with confidence and security using Pay Pal .

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