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Hi, my name is Marie Elaina Gordon. I composed a poem, "On Losing a Loved One," hoping to help those seeking comfort from the pain of losing someone they loved. The message I give is one of fact and not of just hope - because I was really there and saw and heard all the things I tried to convey in my poem. That was in 1986.

I received an award for that poem and have helped many through their pain and suffering by offering words of comfort by knowing that we do go on after our earthly existence. It was through their encouragement that I decided to give you the same opportunity so you - like so many others - may find some comfort.

Why did I do this?
I was clinically dead for approximately two minutes. Part of me still existed as "I" awoke in the most peaceful and love filled world. I was greeted by relatives who had gone before me. They told me they were there to take me to my next step. But I couldn't stay.

I couldn't stay because..
...images of my two sons, ages 2 and 5, appeared and a gentle voice said, "you cannot stay here, you have them to raise." I awoke back in my body on the table in the emergency room with the friend and co-worker who brought me there still at my side. While in that other world, I saw him holding my hand and I heard him saying "Marie, hold on.."

I have recorded 18 of my poems, including "On Losing a Loved One," and have made them available on CD to help you through your difficult times.

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